May 2024 Update - Pencils done, vinyl ordered!

May 2024 Update - Pencils done, vinyl ordered!

The pencils for Battle Brick Road 2 are finished!

Yes, it's true. The pencils, for the now 70-page sequel for Battle Brick Road are complete. An incredible milestone, and one more step to getting this story wrapped up, and off to you! 

With the pencils done, you might wonder how inking and coloring are going. As of writing this update there are 25 pages left to ink, and 60 pages left to color. We recently brought Farah Nurmaliza on board to handle the color duties. If you're a long-time Battle Brick Road fan you've seen her work on the original cover for the first book.

In other news, the vinyl record has been ordered. The proofs for the jacket and label can be seen below. We are very happy with how this little project has turned out. Vosto, the composer of the two theme songs, did an amazing job capturing the essence of the characters. We expect the end result of the songs pressed on opaque yellow vinyl to be equally amazing.


Lastly, more artwork for the 11x17 poster book is coming in. This time from Narwhal. A exceptionally fun piece. Take a look!


Thank you for your support of Battle Brick Road!

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