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Website Exclusive Cover!

Every single copy of this extraordinary limited cover is an original, and you have the chance to own one of them!

That's right – we're talking about Battle Brick Road Volume 2's special edition, and it's like nothing you've ever seen before. Each cover is handcrafted to be completely unique, so you'll be holding a piece of art that's exclusively yours, never to be repeated.

From how the characters and bricks are arranged to their sizes, densities, and orientations – it's all personalized just for you.

But here's the deal: this chance won't come twice. Back early to guarantee your distinctive copy of Battle Brick Road Volume 2 special edition!

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Free Print!

Have you ever seen flying monkeys this adorable and deadly all at once?

To show our appreciate during the Battle Brick Road Volume 2 campaign, we're making sure every single backer gets their hands on this delightfully dreadful Battle Brick Road print, brought to life by the talented Otis Frampton himself.

Frampton has crafted a unique piece that captures the fantastical and dangerous world you're about to dive into. So, whether you're new to the adventure or a seasoned traveler, this one's for you.

  • Kevin W.

    An incredible story and adventure! Loved every minute and panel of it. WIll definitely be purchasing BBR 2.

  • Brad F.

    Just read BBR #1, it's one of the best crowdfunded comics I've ever backed. Story was compelling, fun and very well paced. Pencils, colors and letters were top notch.

    Production values...top of the line. This was excellent!!!

  • George F.

    Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!. Looking forward to book 2.