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Battle Brick Road 2: Cover SE

Battle Brick Road 2: Cover SE

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Battle Brick Road Vol. 2 is a 64-page graphic novel.
This Special Edition cover comes with a signed and numbered bookplate.

You'll receive:

  • Battle Brick Road 2 Special Edition Cover
  • Matching 1:1 cover print
  • All Unlocked Stretch Goal items

Return to the fallen utopia of Oz as Thea’s mission to find her missing father grows more deadly with every step down the Yellow Brick Road. Along the way, Thea and TOTO are joined by a vengeful scarecrow, a child-like automaton, and a downcast king.  Join the journey as this unlikely team searches for the fabled Emerald City and the enigmatic wizard rumored to reside within its walls.

Battle Brick Road Vol. 2 Cover-SE by Eric Weathers and Steve Canon

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